Social Information Management for Collaborative Knowledge Work

Social information management involves multiple users collaborating in the design and creation of information. More than 10 years of research and cooperations with industry partners in this area revealed recurring problems and solution patterns. Therefore, social information management systems share a common set of general capabilities and features.

SocioCortex integrates those features and exposes them as services to its applications. In this way, domain-specific applications built upon the SocioCortex platform benefit from proven solution patterns for prevalent social information management problems.

Why use SocioCortex?

SocioCortex is a great platform for both end-users and developers. Tailor-made social information apps allow end-users to collaborate more effectively . App developers can build custom apps faster using the rich REST-API of the SocioCortex platform.

Proven Solution

SocioCortex and its predecessors were applied in many social information management use cases for more than 10 years.

Comprehensive Features

The SocioCortex Server combines proven solution patterns and features from our experiences in social information management applications.

Start Right Away

SocioCortex already comes with a set of ready-to-use web clients for content management, model management, and visual data analytics.

Many Extension Points

Developers can extend the SocioCortex platform on different levels, e.g., to provide customized visualizations, or to integrate custom data sources.

Open Source

The whole SocioCortex platform is OpenSource including the SocioCortex Server and the SocioCortex Generic Client Suite.

Fast Growing Community

More and more companies start using SocioCortex for social information management, e.g., in the domain of Enterprise Architecture Management.

Key Features

SocioCortex offers a variety of useful features for end-users as well as developers.


Collaborative design approach for dynamic data and process models

Evolution Management

Data consolidation and alignment support for evolving content

Knowledge Management

Support for knowledge-intensive, goal-oriented, and data-centric processes

Extensive Versioning

History for content, files, and processes

Extensive Access Control

Fine-grained role-based access control for content and files

Data Analytics

Powerful analytics capabilities for data and meta-data


Tracking elements of interest

Social Awareness

Data-centric social network analysis

Hybrid Content

Structured (types and attributes) and unstructered content (rich-text and files)

Customizable Visualizations

Configurable and customizable visualization capabilities

Data Integration

Federated integration of data and models from different sources

Powerful Information Retrieval

Fulltext and facets-based structured search

Case Studies

Various domain-specific Vertical Apps have been developed on top of our platform

Our Team

SocioCortex is mainly developed by sebis, Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes' Chair for Software Engineering for Business Information Systems at Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Prof. Florian Matthes holds the chair Software Engineering for Business Information Systems at Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Florian Matthes

Director & Supervisor

Felix is working on tool-support for knowledge-intensive processes, and thus integrates results from the research project Darwin into SocioCortex.

Felix Michel


Klym is doing research on software architecture documentation. In the context of SocioCortex, he is in particular responsible for the technical infrastructure and deployment process.

Klym Shumaiev


Manoj is mainly working on the question of how to transform and integrate multiple and diverse data sources into SocioCortex.

Manoj Bhat


Start now creating delightful
social information apps

Take a look into the documentation to get to know how to customize the SocioCortex platform in order to adapt it to your specific needs!

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