SocioCortex Tutorial

The tutorial makes you familiar with the SocioCortex concepts and its REST API.

Basics of the SocioCortex API

  1. Getting Resources of SocioCortex: Learn how to retrieve the resources of SocioCortex, such as entities, workspaces, and entity types.
  2. Using Parameters to Optimize Requests: By using the right parameters, SocioCortex clients can specify which properties of the resources they really need.
  3. Authentication: Authenticate yourself to access protected content on the one hand, and to gain write access to SocioCortex's data on the other.

Model-based Expression Language

  1. Introduction to MxL: Learn the purpose and the basic features of the model-based expression language.
  2. Basic Types in MxL: Overview over the type-system of MxL.
  3. Basic Constructs and Operations: Learn the basic constructs (e.g., conditionals, lambdas) and operations (e.g., arithmetic and boolean operations) of MxL.
  4. Sequence Functions: An overview over the most important kind of functions in MxL: Sequence functions.
  5. Queries with MxL: Learn how to formulate queries or business rules with MxL.

SC Visualizer

  1. Creating Dashboards: Create dashboards in real-time to visualize specific aspects of the SocioCortex data model.
  2. Creating Visualization Types: Create new visualization types in order to enable tailored and specific visualizations for your data model.